How I Would Have Written the Sequel Trilogy

(I originally wrote this after the release of The Rise of Skywalker. My plan was to write an extensive breakdown of all three films of my own version of a sequel trilogy. I stopped, as it took more time than I'm willing to invest in something that comes down to fan fiction. I don't write fan fiction anymore. I write my own works. However, I thought I'd share a taste of some of the ideas I had for a possible sequel series. I will most likely recycle some of the ideas I had for a Star Wars series into my own future works.)

With the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, we came to the end of the Skywalker Saga, for now. With the end of the sequel trilogy, I take a look at what was created and consider an alternative possibility. How might I have written the next chapter of the universe? What would I have canonized from the books and comics published before the Disney acquisition? I’m excited by the possibilities. There’s been one narrative that’s stuck with me. I think it still holds merit as a possible future for Star Wars after the sequel trilogy, with a few tweaks, as some characters are considered dead, for now.

I keep saying “for now” as I expect the trajectory of the franchise to change dramatically once LucasFilm makes some necessary changes. The Mandalorian is an example of a directional and tonal shift that feels more authentic to the franchise. I have high hopes for the fates of some essential characters. Having said that…

The Force Awakens (TFA) introduced Rey, a scavenger on Jakku waiting for her family to come home; FN-2187, aka Finn, a stormtrooper trained since his youth who awakens from his programming on Jakku; and Poe, an ace pilot and champion of the Resistance who’s looking for a map to the reclusive and missing Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker. TFA was also the first movie released after Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise. This new chapter of Star Wars takes place nearly thirty years after The Return of the Jedi. The New Republic is still growing its legs while a new threat, The First Order, very similar to and perhaps a remnant of the Empire, seeks to claim the galaxy. The only hope for the galaxy is The Resistance, under the leadership of the legendary Princess and General, Leia Organa-Solo. This was a story trajectory we saw on film. 

What I would like to see is the galactic consequences of the toppling of such a large and impacting force as the Empire. To see a race towards normalcy, but also some jumping on the opportunity to take advantage of a missing galactic power. Here's a snapshot of my vision...

In my alternative history, the Unity-verse, the destruction of the Empire created a power vacuum. Old and new crime syndicates surfaced to stake their claim on territory and tech. Pirates and scavenger fleets took whatever they could from destroyed, damaged, or abandoned Empire ships and stations. Planets formerly aligned to the Republic made new alliances to keep their planets safe. Thirty years later, there are eight major powers in the galaxy. The strongest of them are the New Republic, Hutt Cartel, The Unity, Emerald Star Consortium, and a remnant of the Empire.

Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy is alive and well. Over the past thirty years, and with the occasional guidance of Force Yoda, Force Obi-Wan, Force Anakin Skywalker, and Ahsoka Tano, Luke trained forty Jedi, young and old. This includes Leia, his son and daughter, Ben and Anika Skywalker, and nephews, Ace and Bail Solo. Luke is Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Ahsoka Tano’s role in the new order is to seek out Force sensitive children while Luke and his students respond to inquiries when the galaxy needs assistance with sensitive and diplomatic matters. Unlike the former Jedi Order, the New Jedi Order is not under the authority of the Republic, but independent. This gives them flexibility to work with other alliances and mediate peace.

Ambassador Leia Solo is the minister of Diplomatic Affairs for the New Republic. After the fall of the Empire, she and other Rebellion leadership resurrected the Republic. For the past thirty years, they’ve worked painstakingly to bring the Republic back to its former glory. Unfortunately, an unknown party revealed truths about Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker, and all the background machinations, including deals between Senators and Governors who went along with Palpatine’s schemes, that led to the eventual rise of the Empire. This fractured the reconstitution process, turned planets and allies against each other, and caused separate, smaller alliances to form. Leia’s task of rebuilding the Republic proves more challenging as bridging the gap in trust and preventing war becomes a full-time mission. Suspicions are high. Leia fears what remains of the Empire is behind the information leak and is rebuilding.

Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian are not official dignitaries, but legends nevertheless. This opens doors for them to keep tabs on the other alliances, Hutts, and crime syndicates, and communicate opportunities for the New Republic or Jedi Order to intervene or strengthen relations.

With this platform in place, I envision the following:

There would be two cartoon television shows, similar in design and look to The Clone Wars and Rebels, that tells the stories of various faction central characters. Both cartoons would include stories of the new Jedi Order and Academy, Ahsoka’s search for Force users, Hutts, Mandalorians, smugglers, bounty hunters, other mercs, former Imperial officers finding a place in a post-Empire galaxy, the remnant of the Empire trying to rebuild, force users searching for Skywalker, and the surging popularity of the Church of the Unity (and the Faithful). 

The first cartoon would be set in the same time period as the sequel trilogy. It would be called something along the lines of Star Wars Alliances. The second would be set within the thirty-year gap between the Return of the Jedi and the new trilogy. It would be called Star Wars Jedi Academy. Its focus would be on Luke, Mara, and Ahsoka training the next generation of Jedi; the Skywalker and Solo kids’ Jedi trials in their teens; searching for and responding to reports of Force users; building a new Jedi Order; and Leia juggling her role as both a Jedi and diplomat. Despite its focus, it would also tell stories outside of the established characters as other force users in the further reaches of the galaxy come out of hiding.

This would all lead into my version of a sequel trilogy. It would reveal information about a rapidly growing cult and interplanetary alliance, the Unity, run by a circle of powerful Force users, the Faithful. It is a new order, not like the Sith, not Jedi, but a threat of its own which will prove more than a match for either faction. Some of them, the founding members, were former Jedi who hid during Order 66. Others were force sensitives who were discovered and saved from the Empire, brought to a safe haven. The leader has a unique and incredible force ability and a plan to unite and connect billions, trillions, quadrillions of people across the galaxy with a powerful force ritual. The end goal of the leader will be revealed in the final film. There will be a race against time to stop him/her before the ritual of surrender.

This would be the new trilogy: 
Star Wars: Join the Faithful
Star Wars: Unity of the Fallen
Star Wars: Ritual of Surrender


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