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How I Would Have Written The Last Jedi

A little over six months ago, Star Wars: The Last Jedi released on the big screen. With its release, however, came an unexpected and unfortunate divide as fans came face-to-face with something they never saw coming: a sequel in a trilogy that ignored the plot-lines of the previous movie and betrayed a franchise favorite character. The disemboweling of Luke Skywalker and disrespect for the fandom that has kept Star Wars successful for decades will most likely be the end of Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy.

But eh, let’s not go there in this blog post as I could just as easily burn the people that harassed our beloved George Lucas so much he chose to sell the franchise. Why complain fellow fans? The original trilogy was great. The prequel trilogy was great, minus Jar Jar Binks. The Clone Wars series was great! Rebels series, also great. The Force Awakens was great. Oh, yea. Rogue One was great, too. I never saw Solo. Overall, everything Star Wars was great besides The Last Jedi. We had…

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