Take a Look Inside Yourself

I wish humans weren't so quick to jump on the hate train, gang up, and beat on people. If someone makes a mistake, that happens. We all make mistakes. It's important that we realize what is right and wrong and educate people without trampeling the people into the ground and then kicking the dust off our feet into their faces. Why do we pounce when people fall short?

When we let our dislike for someone or a particular group make us less of a person ourselves, that is when we need to step back and reassess ourselves and our positions. No one should be trying to oppress anyone's votes, anyone's rights, or the truth in order to win at anything. No one, like the Green/Libertarian Party, should be excluded from a chance to voice their contributions to America in debates. In the great scheme of things, you have lost. The kid that cheats on a test might get a good grade, but he still doesn't know the material and it always comes back.

We have to be the best, purest versions of ourselves no matter our circumstances, oppositions or frustrations. We can never be who we're supposed to be beating up on someone else (verbally, emotionally, socially, or physically), whether it's a politician, celebrity, LGBT, boss, co-worker, neighbor, friend, relative, or an ex. It's okay to disagree with someone. You/He/She/They/We/I might be right or wrong, but no one is ever always right (except Jesus/God). This anger/hate, slander, and smugness is going to eat us up from the inside out, especially those of us who theoretically practice a faith of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

Take a look inside yourself. What have you done, condoned, or said lately that you yourself should not agree with?


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