Love God, live by the Word

We must love the one living God with all our heart, body, and soul. May His will be done and let our faith not waver, for the hour draws near. We are all to be willing servants. We are not to be enforcers of the Word, but faithful and patient observers, servants, and educators of the Word. If a man turns his ear from the Word, will you speak louder? If he covers his ears, will you remove his hands? Not every man will accept the Word. Not every man will be accepted by God. A fool will stick his head in the sand, suffocate and die to avoid the truth. A wise man will embrace the truth and breathe easy. So do not chase the men with sand in their ears. Speak the Word and embrace those who will listen. Leave the rest to the will of God. Do not scold them, call judgment or condemnation upon them. Pray that the Word claims their hearts and when the hour comes, they are ready. There is nothing greater than the Word of God. Pray that you live by it, your brothers, sisters, and neighbors live by it, and our leaders live by it, for we are bound to it, nevertheless.


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