What Am I Looking For

My loves, and others, it has been a while hasn't it?  Well, I've had a few posts in mind to write and will entertain one that has been bouncing in my head for a couple weeks.  I wrote up my seven rules of dating in a small series.  While there was an implication as to what I was looking for near the end of rule seven, I thought I'd go into greater detail as to what I'm looking for in a woman.  I will describe the woman I am going to marry.

What Am I Looking For

My future wife loves the Lord God Almighty with all of her heart, mind, and soul.  She accepts Jesus Christ as her lord and savior.  She is baptized.  She reads/studies the bible regularly/daily.  She attends church regularly or as often as scheduling permits.  This woman has a good, honest, righteous heart.  She hungers for righteousness, justice, truth.  She is constant in her prayer and has a strong relationship with God.  She is persistent in her faith and does not love sin.

My future wife is loving, compassionate, empathetic/considerate, and supportive.  She listens, comprehends, and asks questions, and is not quick to assumption.  She is communicative in her feelings, thoughts, wants, needs, fears, regrets, desires, passions, and fantasies.  She does not hold back, except in tact and respect or to avoid speaking evil/negative into her or someone else's life.  She is completely trustworthy and does not gossip.

My future wife is very expressive and transparent in regards to her feelings towards me, as I am to her.  She is vocal about her affections and acts them out.  She is not coy about her desires towards me, as I am not towards her.  She tells me what she wants, when she wants it, and how she wants it. (Yes! I'm talking about sex and anything else implied.)  She does not hint.  No subtext is necessary.  She does not play games.

My future wife is receptive of what I deliver her and is not selfish.  She is happy to receive but more so happy to give, as I am happy to give.  There is no manipulation.  We are one flesh.  She recognizes this, and we both act as one flesh.  Neither harming or depriving the other, as we harm and deprive our self.  She is practical and has an appreciation for fewer but finer things (That means quality over quantity), but is not materialistic.

My future wife is intelligent and wise.  She is thirsty for knowledge and reads.  She is an advocate for sharing what she knows, so that others around her may benefit from her knowledge and wisdom.  She is a patient and thorough teacher or coach (in spirit or in real life), and thus shall be a wonderful and wise mother.  She is not arrogant or prideful because of her intellect, but humble.

My future wife seeks to improve herself and me, as I seek her to grow into the best version of herself.  She is her own self, and understands that I accept her for who she is and what God made her to be (no matter what dumb thing I may say unintentionally).  She understands that I love her no matter what, and does not see that as funny or a sign of weakness, but as a strength, for Jesus loves us, because of who we are, in spite of who we are, no matter what.

My future wife puts me in my place when I am not being an effective leader in the relationship or family dynamic.  She accepts me despite my flaws, but honestly informs me of my flaws when they present themselves so that I may grow.  She does this in a tactful, private way, as to build me up, not tear me down.  She does not disparage me in the company of others.

My future wife loves to exercise and goes on jogs or walks with me.  She is health minded and treats her body as it is meant to, as a temple of the Spirit.  That means she does not eat in excess, but in moderation.  She does not love alcohol.  If she drinks, it is sparingly, and exclusively wine.  She does not smoke.  She is my workout/accountability partner.  We know every inch of each other's body and want those bodies to be in prime condition.

My future wife communicates efficiently, because she knows that communication is the foundation of a relationship.  She does not play games or ignore me.  I send her a message, she responds at her earliest convenience.  I follow suit.  When I call, she returns calls in a timely manner.  I follow suit.  When something is on her mind, she does not hesitate to bring it forward as to avoid a build up of tensions.  Things are resolved quickly.  She does not like drama, but loves peace.

My future wife wants to help her community.  She believes in mission work and outreach.  As I am a recluse, she will pull me out of my shell, from behind my computer when I'm writing too much, or from behind the book when I have been stuck in the fictional world and not the real one, and we will go out and sow good seeds in the world.

My future wife is family oriented.  She wants to get married and have kids.  She sets her family as a priority, after God.  God is always her number one priority, then family.  And she and I raise our children to be God-centered.

My future wife is sexy, beautiful, and funny.  I will love her every day of my life until I die, and after death, when I live again in the second life in the kingdom.  My future wife will be my best friend forever, no matter what.  She will not give up on me.  I will not give up on her.  We will not look on to any other person.  There will be no infidelity.  There will be no inappropriate friendships with others of opposite genders.  She and I are one, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death, and in the new life.

That's it for now.  I may amend or correct later.  That pretty much describes my future wife.  She is out there.  Be it the Lord's will, she is coming into my life soon, and permanently.  I can't wait.

May the Spirit of the Lord fill, restore, and sustain you, my loves!


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