My loves, and many others, another year has past, and it's exciting to look forward and imagine new possibilities.  Be it the Lord's will, 2015 shall be epic and unforgettable.

Before the year begins, I try to establish what improvements in myself I can accomplish or change in the coming year.  For many, New Year's Resolutions is a gimmick.  It's a goal we pursue or habits we change, but fall out and don't take so seriously after a passage of time.  To me, New Year's Resolutions are about taking another step closer to who I am supposed to be.  Who am I supposed to be?  The man in the gold, green, and white, walking under the pillar of light.  (That means nothing to you.  But to me, it is my destiny.  It is a complete immersion in Jesus.)  I know my faults.  There are things I know I can work on.  I start the year with a goal, tell myself, "It's time to get focused, stay focused," and knock things out.  Move closer to Jesus.

Anyway, I like to share resolution ideas with others.  I feel it's good to start the year focused on improvement, even if you may stumble, trip, and get lost along the way.


For Christians, as the year begins (according to the Gregorian calendar), I ask you these questions:

(1) In 2014, what negatively impacted or hindered your walk in Christ, study of the living Word of God, prayer or quiet time, and relationship with God the Father and His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

(2) What must you do, this year, to improve your walk in Christ, study of the living Word of God, prayer or quiet time, and relationship with God the Father and His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

This year, take note of number one, and intentionally cut out the things that have negatively impacted or hindered your progression to the Kingdom.  And taking note of number two, invest time in planning, making lists, and taking the necessary steps forward to improve your walk, studies, and relationship.

Our resolution, every year, should be "closer, wiser, and fuller".  Focus on and pray to be closer to God, wiser in our experiences and understanding of the living Word of God, and fuller in Christ (more of Him, less of us).


Our resolution, every year, should be to put our faith into action.

I truly believe God blessed each and every one of us with talents.  Some of us are blessed with many.  Others with few.  However, we all have something to contribute.  We should use those talents to glorify God.  So, that is also a resolution.  To get your mind focused on utilizing the gifts He blessed you with to honor and serve Him.  For me, as I have been blessed with a talent for writing, among other things, I try to serve Him with my words and hope those who read them get the message He intended for them.

If you were blessed with a great voice, sing for Him.  Sing at church.  Sing on the streets.  Sing and praise Him whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Sing to soothe others, as David the psalmist, before he was king, sang and performed for King Saul's troubled spirit.  Praise Him.

If you were blessed with a talent of accumulating wealth, use that talent to help the impoverished, hungry, sick, and jobless.  For some people, there are not a lot of opportunities out there, and all they're looking for is an opportunity to work hard, make a living, and pick themselves up.

If you were blessed with a strong understanding of math, accounting, and/or economics, perhaps you can help people around tax time with their tax returns, or provide counseling for people who need to learn the basic skills of living on a budget and saving.

If you were blessed with an ability to sew or knit well, you could make shirts, pants, scarves, hats, mittens, blankets, or whatever for people who are financially underprivileged.  If you like to design, you could design cute, fun, and creative Christian apparel.  Make stylish dresses that suit young Christian women and have a message sown in them.  I'm just scratching the surface of the potential.

Throw a talent out there.  In some way, to some degree, it can be used to serve and glorify God.  If you do not know your talent, make it a regular prayer that you can identify the talent He blessed you with so you can use it to serve and glorify Him.  Evangelize through the expression and utilization of our God given talents.  If you know your talent, make it a regular prayer that He can guide you in the proper execution of your talents to serve and glorify Him.


Our resolution, every year, should be to live more orderly, so that our lives glorify God.

We should be more organized, punctual, clean, and overall together.  God doesn't call us to be a mess and live as a total mess, literally, socially, or financially.

We should make sure, in spite of our busy schedules, to keep our homes and clothes clean, and orderly, inside and out.

We should make an effort to be less judgmental or abrasive towards others, but more compassionate, loving, and approachable.  No torpedoing relationships with people, but seeking peace with everyone.

We should look at our budgets, cut out the unnecessary extra, make necessary lifestyle changes (if we're living and spending beyond our means), and make sure we are budgeting, saving, and properly tithing.

If we pray that God can help us live more orderly, constructive, and clean lives, we can expect a lot more peace and structure in our own actions.  If we're out there inviting people to live a life in Christ, and our lives are a total mess, it doesn't make living in Christ look so hot.  For His name's sake, let us live in a way that glorifies Him.  He is on our side.


Our resolution, every year, should be to pray for and support more people.

Listen to people.  Talk to people at your church, school, job, in your neighborhood or apartment community, or out in the world just roaming the streets.  Be engaging and interactive.  We all have issues in life.  A lot of us like to share them.  Some of us don't.  As we go through life, we all have trials.  Ask the person if you could pray for them or if they have any prayer requests.  Pray at the very moment the prayer is needed, not later when it can be forgotten.

Everyday, on Facebook or Twitter, let your status be: "Who can I pray for today?"  You would be amazed how many responses you'll get over time.

If someone is upset, provide that emotional support.  Again, listen to people.  Sometimes, we don't need or want advice.  We just want speak our minds and know someone else out there knows our struggles.

We are all in this together, my brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are the light of the world, salt of the earth.  We should shine and be flavorful.


Our resolution, every year, should be to live as though it is the last year, and Christ is returning, and while the harvest is great, the workers are few.

We should live the year with a determination to let as many people as possible know the close, personal, story of our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Let them hear and understand the truth and purpose to Jesus's death and resurrection.  Explain the importance of salvation through Him.

Jesus gave us the great commission.  Yet, we go through our day to day routines.  We go through the motions and time passes on.

Jesus is returning.  The Judgment of the world is coming.  We need to save as many souls as possible.  Let us make this a year of epic proportions, with a great revival.  Let this be a year where the angels of the heavens are constantly rejoicing, because around the world God's people have their lips moving for the right reasons.  We are teaching, praying, and turning people over to Him.  We are saving souls.

Let your resolution this year be that you will bring as many people to Christ as possible.


Take this into thought.  God must be first in our lives.  Our time here is short.  We are in the last days.  We cannot waste our days, weeks, and months in complacency.  It is crunch time.  We are in the fourth quarter.  It is time to step up our game and evangelize with love.  It is our time to shine.

Seek peace with everyone.  Pray for everyone.  Love everyone.  No matter their political or religious affiliation.  Be unabashedly graceful.

May the Lord our God be with you this year, and may you be with Him.  In Jesus's name, amen.


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