The Path to Peace

In this new year to come, I hope there will be more compassion and faith instead of fear, more love and grace instead of resentment and division, more truth and a legitimate pursuit of knowledge instead of ignorance and presumption, trust and optimism instead of cynicism, and joy and comfort instead of restlessness and struggle.

The reality is: we make a choice as to who and what we will be to people, what we will do and say to or about people, when and where we will act for or against people. I ask you to remember that we should wish the best for others, as we wish what is best for ourselves. We should show mercy to others as we wish others show mercy to us. We should forgive others as we wish to be forgiven. We should give love, kindness, and peace to others as we desire the same things.

We have a God who gave His life for the very least of us who deserve nothing. We deserve nothing. And because we have received so much more than we deserve, we should feel gratitude and show grace by giving others more than they deserve. That is the example God has set. It is the example we follow. And that is the path to peace.


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