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About Writing A Series

Writing a series requires attention to detail, consistency, and forethought. It can be easy to tell whether a sequel was conceived before or after the release of the first story. The best stories, the best series, are laid out before the first words of the adventure meets the page.

I will tell you why this is important and why sequels have a tendency to fail.

A series, the hero's journey, is one giant story split into multiple parts. The hero's journey lays out a beginning, middle, and end. Plotted out, the whole story has meaning. Decisions in one book, one episode, one film connect, impact, and lead into the sequels. Choices matter. Development continues. Events have a purpose, because they're connected to something bigger.

If you're writing a series, you have to know your major characters:

1) Where does this character start (setting, state of mind, purpose in the world, etc)? Why?
2) Where will this character end (setting, state of mind, purpose fulfilled?, etc)? Wh…

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