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Rule Eight: Make It Easy

Recently, a person asked me a series of questions that reminded me of a blog post I was going to write, or was supposed to write, but didn’t. So, here I am, on this beautiful and snowy Sunday, deciding today is a good day to get back into the swing of things, blog style. I hope you missed my opinion pieces and rantings.

(Before you get started, if you haven’t read the other “Rules of Dating” posts, please check out Rules of Dating, Rule Six: Intentions, and Rule Seven: Team Mentality.)

Here are the rules we have so far:

Rule One: enter with a positive attitude or don’t enter at all.
Rule Two: be the person that expresses kindness and care, and uplifts.
Rule Three: communicate clearly, listen, ask and answer questions.
Rule Four: be accepting and patient of others and compliment their weaknesses with your strengths, accept their strength in your weaknesses.
Rule Five: be yourself, but your best self.
Rule Six: enter with the best and purest intentions, to love and be loved.
Rule Seven: …

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