Happy Birthday, ever-flowing Teardrop love!

Great news, friends! After the two-year anniversary of its original publication, ever-flowing Teardrop love is now available on your Kindle! Don't hesitate to order it and talk about it with your friends. Shamelessly advertise it.

This is no mere anthology, but an exploration of emotion over a span of ten years. As is the experience of love, Antuan Vance's ever-flowing Teardrop love opens with the feel good sensations of attraction, lust, infatuation, adoration, and love. You're dancing in the clouds, fat off of a big bowl of sentiment and nostalgia. Then you steadily tumble into struggle, betrayal, heartbreak, sadness, loneliness, and serious depression. (You can actually see the five stages of grief.) Thus is Antuan's expression of what love is, the pain of love gone awry, and life without love.

Enjoy a collection of poems that anyone can relate to, and everyone can appreciate.

Here is a sample poem:


for being who you are -
the incandescent light
of heavenly grace
forecasting harmony
with delicately strummed
harp-like whispers
which play tones that
musically refine my soul and
send symphonic vibrations
through my arterial chasms
your capturing magnetism
comparable to
the gravity well of a galaxy
stirs me to rotate around
your breathtaking smile
and reflect the endearing warmth
you so easily and elegantly radiate
like poetry
you are an inspiration
to tear down the wall of fear
reminiscent to the Berlin wall
that has blockaded
my ability to trust
and for that,
among volumes of my reverence,
I thank you


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