A Shift in the Tapestry of the Universe

[I wrote this a couple years ago. I stumbled upon it a half an hour ago and felt like sharing it to a larger audience than just my few friends. This is a story of who I was and how life felt for quite some time when I was younger. God pulled me out of my depression. He revealed the dangerous thoughts of the enemy (That would be Satan) and how those thoughts impacted my life. Sometimes the world will pull you down, and feed off of you. But the Lord (in most cases, someone the Lord is using to bless you) is always there waiting for you to reach out your hand to His. By the grace of the Heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus, and His Holy Spirit, I am healed, saved, and sanctified.]

To my dearest friends,

"You were God's gift to me long before I ever committed to the belief of His blessings or had faith in myself. I am forever grateful for your friendship and your contributions to my life. You are in my prayers."


i was of the world of man,
in a field of endless black grass,
sharp blades as treacherous as mutiny.
the sky was the darkest shade of purple.
its moon, a violent red,
oozed its reflective light
through vast layers of papery clouds
presenting a pulpous presentation,
like a mist of clotted dreams.
the fog was thicker than my flesh
and pumbled its way through my will.
"It's you against the world,"
was the whisper that echoed
within the unseen, soundless walls
that surrounded my bastille.
"There is no salvation. You are alone."

i did not fight those words, i believed them
stumbling forward through shadow's spit
wavering in speed versus the gravity
as slimy, caulk-colored arms
pulled at my knees from the ground.
their grip, colder than apathy, grew stronger.
death's rank breath hovered over my neck.
"You will never find love," it said.
its words were a cinder-block of misery
to the back of my head.
i clung to the air as i felt myself falling,
the shards of grass licked their lips
like vampires ready to feed.

but the earth tilted its axis
as a warm, flushed pink hand collected mine
paying me in mercy with steady feet
and a shift in the tapestry of the universe.
the vise-gripping fog had become gray, trimmed.
the mist gave way to a faintly growing golden glow
beyond my sights, within my hopes.
"Have faith. Follow me," the figure whispered,
her long-streaming, strapless silk dress billowed
in the midst of a rising warm breeze.
i collected her outstretched pink hand
and followed through the shadows towards
a glimmering pillar in the distance
"There is no hope. You are doomed,"
the gnarling earth continued.

i did not disbelieve it, i worried.
my grip slipped from her hand.
slimy, earth-covered hands collected my ankles
"It's you against the world," the voice chided,
"and you are alone."
my feet were submerged, blocks of ice.
i reached out towards my once savior
but felt the bladed sickle of death instead.
in the quicksand of my own frustrations
i found myself hip-deep, trembling.
the blades of the grass had their way with my flesh
singing celebrations with a ceremonial hiss
as streams of blood dripped and poured and
the earth slurped loudly with satisfaction.
"Surrender. It's over," it said.
somehow, I was still moving forward.

i did not surrender, i extended my hand
and was effortlessly pulled from the earth
the blood-soaked soil still slurped loudly while
the grass chittered and chided
sounding like wind chimes in my path.
my frost-bitten legs felt numbly absent.
cold-sweat poured down my body, soaking me.
i trembled, nose-running, goosebumped, sore,
blood still dripped from my arms to the earth
and the earth gobbled it up graciously,
its chides continuing, "You are doomed.
You will never find love. Surrender. It can all be over."
a tongue from the earth stretched out
collecting my neck with a grip tight enough
to snap it.

my grip tightened on the pink-skinned hand
and it was replaced by a shimmering white sword.
its girth measured meters and fire played off its blade
with enough intensity to devour the field in flame.
she whispered, "There is hope. You are not alone.
It is us against the world."
i sliced the tongue that squeezed my neck
and scorched the earth within my stead.
the earth's arms stretched out violently,
pulling at my legs, its claws digging into my thighs.
i spun the blade and thrust it into the earth
scoring a flaming hole and driving the whispers
into a stunned silence.
the world shook in retaliation, i did not falter.
i removed the blade from the earth
and swung it in the wind, driving away the mists,
the lingering breath of death.

the fire sword escaped my grip on its own
and the pink-skinned, golden figure returned.
her smile radiated as she extended her hand,
"You are loved, my friend; you are never alone."
i collected her hand, we walked forward
the pillar of light came upon us quickly.
my eyes should have been burned by the brightness
but instead found pure clarity of vision.
when we stepped through the light, she vanished
in her absence, stood another at the center.
a mirrored reflection of me
dressed in gold, green, and white
hands and arms open in invitation
taller, with hair shaved, and smile wide

"Walk with me," he said.
i walked with him and the light followed.
he said, "You have never been completely alone
and never will be. You will always have Him,
your glowing pillar of light to guide your path
and sword of might to defend you from the world.
And you can trust in her, your true friend,
with whom He has worked through
to bless us with love."
i asked, "And who are you?"
he said, "I am the best of you,
when you walk with Him and He works through you."
i asked, "Okay. So, what do I do now?"
he said, "Become me."
i asked, "How do I do that?"
he said, "Keep on walking forward. Stop looking back.
Keep your feet above the ground. Always have hope.
Never lose faith. His light will always be upon you...
and your heart will show you the way."

Copyright (c) Antuan J. Vance


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