Always and Only You

[Three things...]

[1. So you can all get to know me better, I decided I'd share another old poem, (as far as I can tell) my last poem. I'd spent seventeen years of my life writing poetry. Most of it was mediocre. Some of it was good. History will decide whether any of it ever existed at all.]


as your long brown hair
fluttered carelessly
in the day breeze
the wind carried your scent
vanilla sun screen
lavender body wash
passion fruit shampoo
your brilliant green globes were wide
excited, sparkling
absorbing the reflective glow of the sun
as it bounced off the water surface
highlighting the pale blue
and bright ceruleans
as silver scaled daredevils
skimmed the rims of the waters
making slim trails and waves

we sat for hours
telling life stories
sharing deepest secrets
laughing at our miseries and jokes
both good and bad
and as the sun slowly settled westward
into a cool and misty night
we sat straight up
your arms around your knees
my arms around you
you admiring the sky
and waiting for the stars
me admiring you

always and only you

Copyright (c) Antuan J. Vance

[2. My heart is a raging volcano. It is constantly spilling over and has no silent seasons.]

[3. This is the song my soul sings.]

May the love of our Lord Jesus sustain you, and His Spirit reside within and guide you.


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