The Definition of Me

The Definition of Me

Who defines me?

Will man or woman define me?
Surely not!
They describe me; though they have not seen me.
They quote me; though they have not heard me.
Have they listened to my thoughts? No.
But they try to echo my heart.
Have they witnessed my true nature? No.
But they paint a false landscape of my soul.

Will my enemy define me?
Definitely not!
It mocks my successes and highlights my weaknesses.
It hurls stumbling blocks and advertises every fall.
But I am not my weaknesses.
When I stumble, by the grace of God, I recover my balance.
And if I fall, by the grace of God, I rise like a phoenix.

So who then defines me?
My Lord, my king, master and maker: the builder of this temple.
The molder and shaper of every brick.
The architect and engineer of every inch of me.
The plotter of every step and breather of my every breath.
You built me and live in me.
You are my beginning, my path, my light, and my destination.
Lord, You are my heart and soul.

You are the definition of me.

Copyright (c) Antuan J. Vance 2015


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